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Guitar Lessons
For Children
An Excellent Intro to the Study of Guitar
Our 10-level curriculum allows students to learn at their own pace
Guitar Lessons
For Adults
Learn How to Play Rock, Jazz, Popular Music
Levels for beginners looking to have fun or advanced players honing their skills
Build Your Skills and Gain Confidence
Classes include exercises that develop proper form and various techniques
Guitar Lessons
Custom Designed
One-on-One Lessons
An individualized program based on both your ability and your goals
A patient teacher, and the consummate professional
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Wesley is a brilliant musician with an enormous understanding of music theory and an amazing ability to play piano, drums, violin, and guitar. He is an articulate communicator, a patient teacher, and the consummate professional.

G. E. “Dwyn” Taylor II
Everyone is very nice at Fox Music
Anonymous Avatar2 75x75 Home

My daughter has been taking guitar lessons with Wesley. She really likes to learn new things and says the lessons are awesome. Everyone is very nice at Fox Music.

Cheryl Driver
A very welcoming environment
Testimonial 9 75x75 Home

I take guitar lessons with Fox Music and they are simply amazing!! Wes is a GREAT teacher and very encouraging! There is so much talent flowing throughout the students and teachers. It is a very welcoming environment! Definitely will be returning ...

Latoya Quarles
Wesley is an amazing guitar teacher
Testimonial 5 75x75 Home

My guitar lessons have taught me more than I could have ever hoped for. Wesley is an extremely talented guitarist/musician and an amazing guitar teacher. I had three years of experience in guitar, prior to my first guitar lesson with Wesley, and I...

Horby Lopez

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Why Should I Choose Fox Music’s Guitar Academy?

Choosing the right music studio is an important step in your journey toward becoming a great guitarist. So, why take guitar lessons with Fox Music of Virginia Beach?

Fox Music’s Guitar Academy is the premier choice for guitar lessons in Virginia Beach and the Hampton Roads Area for both adults and children. Our unique teaching method allows for faster improvement and proficiency on the guitar. Whether you’re just picking up the guitar for the first time or have been playing for many years and want to take your playing to the next level, Fox Music is here to help. With some practice and perseverance our copyrighted, proven curriculum and experienced instructors will transform your playing and broaden your understanding of music in no time.

Fox Music’s Guitar Academy keeps students motivated and engaged in their progress on the guitar. Our class structure is geared to achieve maximum improvement while keeping a positive, encouraging, and fun atmosphere.

Fox Music of Virginia Beach has established itself as a respected and highly effective location for guitar lessons. Our experienced teachers provide a positive, encouraging, and friendly environment to students of all ages while giving the best instruction possible. Our mission is to provide our students with everything they could hope for when it comes to guitar lessons, and then we strive to go beyond that.

Whether your goal is to pick up the guitar as a hobby or to become the next Hendrix, Fox Music’s Guitar Academy and its experienced teachers are here to guide you along your journey.

Guitar Lessons and Music Appreciation

Taking guitar lessons at Fox Music in Virginia Beach won’t just allow you to expand your skills as a musician through your instrument week after week; it will let you begin to appreciate music and the art of being a musician in every aspect of the craft. As you begin guitar lessons, everything from songs […]

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Fun with Group Guitar Lessons

One of the most important dynamics of taking guitar lessons is allowing your skills to grow and adapting them to many different styles and methods that encompass music. A very vital component of this is the ability to collaborate with others. Taking guitar lessons at Fox Music in Virginia Beach, allows you to be surrounded […]

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Guitar lessons and persistence

Beginning guitar lessons at Fox Music is an excellent first step towards becoming a passionate musician, starting a rewarding journey with music and a relationship with your instrument! The road towards mastery of your instrument will take time and patience, but just remember that everyone must start somewhere. Working with our amazing instructors in both […]

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Guitar Lessons

It is insane how one wooden box and a few strings can come to be a way of life in guitar lessons. When one begins a passionate journey with an instrument and starts to take guitar lessons to master it, they begin to view the world around them differently. Their love for music enhances their […]

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Welcome to Fox Music Guitar Academy


Thank you for visiting the Fox Music Guitar Academy website! We are happy to provide our services in any way we can. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned guitarist, our experienced guitar teachers are here to help you find the appropriate course of study for you and your family.

Benefits of Guitar Lessons

Benefits of Guitar Lessons

Fox Music Guitar Academy

Virginia Beach, VA

After beginning to take guitar lessons, you and/or your child are going to see many wonderful benefits from the experience. Whether you’re an adult looking for a fun, stress-relieving hobby to pick up on the side, or your child has expressed an interest in taking guitar lessons, we are here to help you find the best course of study to suit your needs. At Fox Music of Virginia Beach we not only teach music, but also strive to be positive role models to our younger students and teach important life skills like confidence, self-esteem, and determination.

Confidence, Self Esteem, & Social Skills
Learning a new skill, such as playing the guitar, is an activity that offers both immediate and delayed gratification. Students progress from the very basics to playing full songs. Students become more and more confident in their abilities through their guitar lessons. This translates to increased confidence overall, as they recognize their capability to learn new things and demonstrate this to themselves and others. As students grow together in their abilities on the guitar, new friendships are formed and playing guitar becomes a socially rewarding experience as well.

Focus, Determination, & Perseverance
Studying music requires attentiveness. Students recognize that they must listen carefully to the teachers and to their instruments in order to get better. The great thing about guitar lessons is that by improving their attention spans at the studio, our students will reinforce their ability to pay attention at school. Learning to play guitar and getting better grades in class…benefits all around!

Fox Music’s experienced guitar teachers don’t just lecture to students, but instead make sure that they actively participate throughout each guitar lesson. We want to help students increase the length of time that they are able to mentally concentrate on the activity at hand, both at Fox Music and in all other areas of their lives. Our teachers keep students engaged during guitar lessons by asking questions, having students perform in front of the class when they feel comfortable, assigning exciting exercises for students to practice, and even physical activities such as teaching frets by using an agility ladder in the classroom!
When your child decides he or she wants to play guitar, they are going to want to see results. Whether their goal is to play their favorite hit radio song on the guitar, or to impress their school friends with their musical abilities, students need to realize that achieving these ambitions won’t happen without determination and perseverance. At Fox Music of Virginia Beach, our students learn that with attention, patience, and concentration, they can succeed at anything.